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Brass Round Bar

Champak Steel & Engg. Co is the prominent manufacturer and supplier of Brass Grade 1 / 2, HT 1 / 2 Round Bars/Rods. We are also exporting the superior quality of the types of round bars and rods to the clients available around the world. The round bars are rods are provided in many specifications. Some of the specifications in which the round bars and rods are available are surface finish, dimensions, shapes, sizes, end finish, and others.

The round bars and rods are used in industrial applications with the main motive of making the smooth flow of work. However, there are many types in which they are available such as rolled, cold rolled, heat rolled, and others.

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Brass Grade 1 / 2, HT 1 / 2 is the standard grade that is used in the free machining brass that is having the working suitability in the high-speed machining equipment. This is the way that it is having the ease of soldering as well as having high corrosion resistance. The alloy is also combined with the high strength which the machinability. It is the way that the alloy is used in the applications of wide ranges with all the brass components.

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There are many properties which the Brass Grade 1 / 2, HT 1 / 2 Round Bars/Rods is holding. This is because of the alloying elements which are present in the round bars and rods. Some of the properties which are there with the round bars are corrosion resistance, pitting corrosion resistance, as well as crevice corrosion resistance. Other properties that the bars and rods are having are great ductility, durability, high tensile strength, stability in the elevated temperatures, and great toughness. This is the way the bars and rods are used in industrial applications.

Because of the presence of the properties with the alloy, the Brass Grade 1 / 2, HT 1 / 2 Round Bars/Rods are used in many industrial applications. Some of the applications in which the round rods and bars are used are high-pressure applications, paper and pulp industries, water pipelines, nuclear power plants, food processing, dairy industries, and boilers. Other applications in which the round bars are used are heat exchangers, pipelines, chemical refinery, high temperatures application, and oil and gas industries.

Brass Round Bar Other Types

Brass Square Bar

Brass Square Bar

Brass Gr 1 / 2 Square Bar, UNS C37700 Square Bar, BS 249 Brass Square Rod, ASME SB 16 Brass Square Bar, Brass Polish Square Bar, Brass HT 1 / 2 Square Rod

Brass Hex Bar

Brass Hex Bar

Gr 1/2 Brass Hex Bar, HT 1/2 Brass Hex Bar, BS 249 Hex Bar, UNS C35300 Hex Bar, Brass Hex Rod, Brass Polish Hex Bar, Brass Grade 1 Hex Rod

Brass Rectangular Bar

Brass Rectangular Bar

Brass Gr.1 Rectangular Bar, UNS C35300 / C37700 Rectangular Bar, ASME SB16 Brass Rectangular Rod, Brass Rectangle Rod, Brass Gr 2 Rectangle Bar, Brass HT 1 Rectangular Bar

Brass Flat Bar

Brass Flat Bar

BS 249 Flat Bar, UNS C37700 Flat Bar, ASME SB 16 Brass Flat Bar, Brass Flat Rod, Brass Polish Flat Bar

Brass Bright Bar

Brass Bright Bar

ASTM B16 Brass Bright Bar, Brass UNS C37700 Bright Bar, Brass Bright Rod, Brass Polish Bright Bar

Brass Forged Bar

Brass Forged Bar

Brass Gr 1/2 Forged Bar, IS 319 Brass Forged Rod, Brass Polish Forged Bar, Brass HT 1/2 Forged Bar

Specification of Brass Round Bar

Specification : IS 319 / IS 320
Grade : Grade 1 / 2 , HT 1 / 2
Range : 3mm to 152mm Dia
Length : 100 mm to 6000 mm
Form : Round, Square, Hex (A/F), Rectangle, Wire (Coil Form), Wire-mesh, Billet, Ingot, Forging Etc.

Brass Round Bar Application Industries

Our Brass Round Bar are used in a wide range of applications and various industries. Below are a few of them:

  • Petrochemical Industry

  • Oil and Gas Industry

  • Chemical Industry

  • Power Plant Industry

  • Energy Industry

  • Pharmaceuticals Industry

  • Pulp & Paper Indusry

  • Food Processing Industry

  • Aerospace Industry

  • Refining Industry

Application Industries

Latest Price List of Brass Round Bar

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