Incoloy 800/800H/800HT/825 Round Bar & Rods

Incoloy 800/800H/800HT/825 Round Bar

Champak Steel is a renowned name in supplying and manufacturing of Incoloy 800/800HT/825 Round Bars/Rods. It commands respect in this category for years. We have been part of this industry for many years serving our clients with our superior quality products. We specialize in these bars in both standard and non-standard sizes.

These are made from common and widely used austenitic steel alloy. These are also known to have titanium in it. This combination in chemical composition gives it a very high level of strength. To go with that you would get high corrosion resistance and higher resistance of precipitation. These features make it unmatched in its category and many industrial applications use these due to this property.

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The presence of Titanium substantially increases the carbon content in the alloy. This results in a reduction of precipitation of carbide during welding. It delivers excellent resistance to oxidation due to the effect of air, water or chemicals. It offers excellent corrosion resistance in aqua environments. Its property of extremely high resistance to all types of corrosion makes it suitable for many process-oriented industrial uses.

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These bars and rods come with a workable creep length. It is very convenient for forming and drowning applications. One of the most important features it exhibits is that it is resistant to most of the organic and inorganic chemicals. Its resistance to nitric and sulfur is strong enough. And in addition to all, it shows resistance to inter granular corrosion. These bars eliminate the formation of chromium carbides as it ties up the carbon and nitrogen as carbides or nitrides. These bars are subject to pitting and crevice corrosion when it comes in contact with warm chloride environments. These bars have a shiny outer surface that looks appealing.

These bars find their utility in high-temperature environments. These bars can withstand a high level of pressure which makes it quite popular for petrochemical and offshore operations. These exhibit tremendous forming and welding abilities and therefore many industries use it when operating temperatures well above elevated levels. Some of the industries that use these bars are oil refinery equipment, in pressure vessels, industrial boilers, to manufacture chemical and pharmaceutical equipment, in chemical process heat exchangers, petrochemical refineries, etc.

800/800H/800HT/825 Incoloy Round Bar Equivalent Grades

Incoloy 800 1.4876 N08800 ЭИ670 Z8NC32-21 NCF 800 NA 15 X10NiCrAlTi32-20 XH32T
Incoloy 800H 1.4958 / 1.4876 N08810 ЭИ670 Z8NC33-21 NCF 800H NA 15(H) X5NiCrAlTi31-20 XH32T
Incoloy 800HT 1.4859 / 1.4876 N08811 ЭИ670 - NCF 800HT NA 15(HT) X8NiCrAlTi32-21 XH32T
Incoloy 825 1.4876 N08825 协袩703 NFE30C20DUM NCF 825 NA 16 NiCr21Mo XH38BT

Incoloy 800/800H/800HT/825 Round Bar Other Types

Incoloy Alloy 800 Square Bar

Incoloy Alloy 800/800H/800HT/825 Square Bar

Incoloy 825 Square Bar, UNS N08800 / N08810 Square Bar, DIN 1.4958 Square Rod, ASME SB 166 Incoloy Alloy 800 Square Bar, Incoloy 800H Polish Square Bar, Alloy 800/800H/800HT/825 Square Rod

Incoloy Alloy 800H Hex Bar

Incoloy 800/800H/800HT/825 Hex Bar

ASME SB166 Incoloy Alloy 800 / 800H Hex Bar, ASTM B166 Incoloy 800HT Hex Bar, DIN 1.4876 Hex Bar, UNS N08810 Hex Bar, Incoloy 800HT / 825 Hex Rod, Incoloy 800 Polish Hex Bar, Incoloy Alloy 800/800H/800HT Hex Rod

Incoloy 800HT Rectangular Bar

Incoloy Alloy 800 Rectangular Bar

Incoloy ASTM B166 800 Rectangular Bar, UNS N08811 / DIN 1.4958 Rectangular Bar, ASME SB166 Incoloy Alloy 800H Rectangular Rod, Incoloy Alloy 825 Rectangle Rod, Alloy 800 Rectangle Bar, Polish Incoloy Alloy 800H Rectangular Bar Supplier

Incoloy 825 Flat Bar

Incoloy Alloy 800/800H/800HT/825 Flat Bar

DIN 1.4859 Flat Bar, UNS N08825 Flat Bar, ASME SB 166 Incoloy 800 Flat Bar, ASTM B166 800H Incoloy Alloy Flat Rod, Incoloy® 800/800H/800HT/825 Polish Flat Bar

Incoloy 800 Bright Bar

Incoloy Alloy 800/800H/800HT/825 Bright Bar

ASTM B166 800H Incoloy Bright Bar, Incoloy Alloy UNS N08811/ N08825 Bright Bar, Alloy 800HT Bright Rod, Incoloy Alloy 800/800H/800HT/825 Polish Bright Bar

Incoloy 800/800H/800HT/825 Forged Bar

Incoloy Alloy 800/800H/800HT/825 Forged Bar

UNS N08810 Forged Bar, Incoloy 800 Forged Rod, ASTM B166 800HT Incoloy Polish Forged Bar, ASME SB166 Incoloy Alloy 825 Forged Bar

Specification of Incoloy 800/800H/800HT/825 Round Bar

Incoloy Round Bar Specification : ASTM B166, ASME SB166
Dimension Standard : EN, DIN, JIS, ASTM, BS, ASME, AISI
Size : 14mm-300mm
Thickness : 50 mm to 6000 mm Long
Length : 1 To 6 Meters, Custom Cut Length
Form : Round, Square, Hex(A/F), Rectangle, Billet, Ingot, Forging Etc.

Chemical Composition of Incoloy 800/800H/800HT/825 Round Bar

Grade C Mn Si S Cu Fe Ni Cr Al Ti
800 0.10 max 1.50 max 1.00 max 0.015 max 0.75 max 39.50 min 30.00 – 35.00 19.00 – 23.00 0.15 – 0.60 0.15 – 0.60
800H 0.05 – 0.10 1.50 max 1.00 max 0.015 max 0.75 max 39.50 min 30.00 – 35.00 19.00 – 23.00 0.15 – 0.60 0.15 – 0.60
800HT 0.06 – 0.10 1.50 max 1.00 max 0.015 max 0.75 max 39.50 min 30.00 – 35.00 19.00 – 23.00 0.15 – 0.60 0.15 – 0.60
Alloy 825 0.05 max 1.0 max 0.5 max 0.03 max 1.5 – 3.0 22.0 min 38.0 – 46.0 19.5 – 23.5 0.2max 0.6 – 1.2

Mechanical Properties Of Incoloy 800/800H/800HT/825 Round Bar

Element Density Melting Point Tensile Strength Yield Strength (0.2%Offset) Elongation
Alloy 800 / 800H / 800HT 7.94 g/cm3 1385 °C (2525 °F) Psi – 75,000 , MPa – 520 Psi – 30,000 , MPa – 205 30 %
Alloy 825 8.14 g/cm3 1400 °C (2550 °F) Psi – 80,000 , MPa – 550 Psi – 32,000 , MPa – 220 30 %

Incoloy Alloy 800/800H/800HT/825 Round Bar Application Industries

Our Incoloy 800/800H/800HT/825 Round Bar are used in a wide range of applications and various industries. Below are a few of them:

  • Petrochemical Industry

  • Oil and Gas Industry

  • Chemical Industry

  • Power Plant Industry

  • Energy Industry

  • Pharmaceuticals Industry

  • Pulp & Paper Indusry

  • Food Processing Industry

  • Aerospace Industry

  • Refining Industry

Application Industries

Latest Price List of Incoloy Alloy 800/800H/800HT/825 Round Bar

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