Monel 400/K500 Sheets and Plates

Monel 400/K500 Sheets and Plates

We at Champak Steel & Engg. Co provides the customer with a high quality of material according to their needs. The company is dealing with all sorts of the industry in this market. Even the products are available to the buyers in all sorts of demand and volume.

The Monel 400/K500 Sheets & Plates are valued for their dimensional accuracy and very easy installation. Actually, it is a sheet and plates that can easily be hardened by the cold working process. Even the product carries good ductility and even has good thermal conductivity. So the machinability of these sheets and plates is sort of difficult as it works on hardness during the time of machining. The product is very strong and it has a yield strength of approximately three times and the tensile strength is about double. And this is even when compared to other elements. The property of resistance is also there, it is resistant to rust.

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With its good strength qualities, the Monel 400/K500 Sheets & Plates are distributed to several industries. The industries mainly are the one, who are deeply involved in the construction, industrial work, and petroleum department. Especially the metal industries who are responsible for developing and doing the constructions are the main buyers.

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Overall the sheets and plates have many chemical compositions and also have mechanical compositions. Their specifications are ASTM B127 and ASME SB127, with keeping in mind about the size is to be around 15NB to 150NB In. The mentioned standards are API, ASME, and the ASTM. The thickness form shall be vary from 2 to 40mm. Some of the Monel 400/K500 Sheets & Plates valuable features are the durability, finish and the correct dimension. If the element is correct then it will surely be higher in durability and flexibility. Before the production, the product is checked several times and tested with accurate procedures so that it can pass all the necessary elements.

The documentation of the Monel 400/K500 Sheets & Plates is available there for the client to check all the necessary reports. Such as the third party inspection report, tensile report, flattering test reports, checking of the positive material test report and etc.

400/K500 Monel Sheets and Plates Equivalent Grades

Monel 400 N04400 2.4360 NW 4400 NiCu30Fe
Monel K500 N05500 2.4375 - -

Monel 400/K500 Sheets and Plates Other Types

Monel Alloy 400/K500 Perforated Sheets

Monel® Alloy 400/K500 Perforated Sheets

Monel 400 Perforated Sheets, UNS N04400 Perforated Sheets, DIN 2.4360 Perforated Sheets, ASME SB 127 Monel Alloy K500 Perforated Sheets, Monel N05500 Perforated Sheets

Monel Alloy 400/K500 Chequered Plates

Monel 400/K500 Chequered Plates

ASME SB127 Monel Alloy 400 Chequered Plates, ASTM B127 Monel Alloy K500 Chequered Plates, DIN 2.4375 Chequered Plates, UNS N05500 Chequered Plates, Monel® Alloy 400/K500 Checkered Plates

Monel 400/K500 Shim Sheets

Monel Alloy 400/K500 Shim Sheets

Monel ASTM B127 400/K500 Shim Sheets, UNS N04400 / DIN 2.4360 Shim Sheets, ASME SB127 Monel 400/K500 Shim Sheets, Monel® Alloy K500 Shim Sheet, Monel® Alloy 400 Shim Sheets, Monel Alloy 400/K500 Shim Sheets Supplier

Monel 400/K500 Coils

Monel Alloy 400/K500 Coils

DIN 2.4375 Coils, UNS N05500 Coils, ASME SB 127 Monel 400/K500 Coils, ASTM B127 400/K500 Monel Alloy Coils

Monel 400/K500 Strips

Monel Alloy 400/K500 Strips

ASTM B127 400/K500 Monel Strips, Monel Alloy UNS N04400 Strips, Monel 400/K500 Strips, Monel Alloy 2.4360 Strips

Monel 400/K500 Foils

Monel Alloy 400/K500 Foils

UNS N05500 Foils, Monel 400/K500 Foils, ASTM B127 K500 Monel Foils, Monel 400 Foils

Specification of Monel 400/K500 Sheets and Plates

Monel Sheets and Plates Specification : ASTM B127 / ASME SB127
Dimension Standard : JIS, AISI, ASTM, GB, DIN, EN, etc
Width : 1000mm, 1219mm, 1500mm, 1800mm, 2000mm, 2500mm, 3000mm, 3500mm, etc
Length : 2000mm, 2440mm, 3000mm, 5800mm, 6000mm, etc
Thickness : 0.3 mm to 120 mm
Form : Coils, Foils, Rolls, Plain Sheet, Shim Sheet, Perforated Sheet, Chequered Plate, Strip, Flats, Blank (Circle), Ring (Flange) etc.
Surface Finishing : Hot rolled plate (HR), Cold rolled sheet (CR),2B, 2D, BA, NO.1, NO.4, NO.8, 8K, mirror, Chequered, embossed, hair line, sand blast, Brush, etching, SATIN (Met with Plastic Coated) etc.

Chemical Composition of Monel 400/K500 Sheets and Plates

Grade Ni Fe C Mn Si Cu Al Ti S
400 63.0- 70.00 max 2.50 max 0.3 max 2.00 max 0.50 max Remainder - - 0.024 max
K500 63.0 min 05 - 2 0.25 max 1.5 max 0.5 max 27.0 - 33.0 2.3 - 3.15 0.35 - 0.85 0.010 max

Mechanical Properties Of Monel 400/K500 Sheets and Plates

Grade Tensile (ksi) .2% Yield (ksi) Elongation % Hardness (HRb)
400 75 to 90 25 to 50 60 to 35 60 to 80
K500 Psi – 1,60,000 , MPa – 1100 Psi – 1,15,000 , MPa – 790 20 % -

Monel Alloy 400/K500 Sheets and Plates Application Industries

Our Monel 400/K500 Sheets and Plates are used in a wide range of applications and various industries. Below are a few of them:

  • Petrochemical Industry

  • Oil and Gas Industry

  • Chemical Industry

  • Power Plant Industry

  • Energy Industry

  • Pharmaceuticals Industry

  • Pulp & Paper Indusry

  • Food Processing Industry

  • Aerospace Industry

  • Refining Industry

Application Industries

Latest Price List of Monel Alloy 400/K500 Sheets and Plates

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